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OMA Multi Tool v1 2022 For Star Mobile Care

OMA Multi Tool v1,OMA Multi Tool v1 2022,OMA Multi Tool v1 2022 For Star Mobile Care,Star Mobile Care

OMA Multi Tool v1 is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to remove Pattern Pin Frp Mi Account and more features which need for every android phone. The tool is free of cost you need to download and install it on your Windows 7 8 10 on 32 and 64bit OS. any problem you can face please visit my YouTube channel comments me!!!.

Features OMH Android Service Tool 

ADB (Functions)

  • Info 
  • Wipe 
  • Remove FRP 
  • Remove FRP2 
  • Huawei MTP To ADB 
  • Mi Account Remove 
  • Frp Account Disable 
  • Mi Account Relock Fix
  • Reset Patem(root) 
  • Read BuidProp I 
  • Fastboot (Functions)
  • Info 
  • Wipe 
  • Remove FRP 
  • Remove FRP2 
  • Sideload Info 
  • I Enable Diag(#) 
  • Reboot Recovery 
  • Reboot Fastboot 
  • Reboot EDL 
  • Remove Itidoud(ubl) I 
  • Reboot EDL 
  • Boodoader Chedc I 
  • Unlock Boothader I 
  • Wipe 
  • Enable ADB 
  • Exit Fastboot 
  • Sideload Ale 

Xiaomi Mi Account Frp Unlock

Redmi 5a Riva Redmi 3-3pro ido Redmi 3s-3x land Redmi 4A Rollex Redmi tic Santoni Redmi 5a Riva Redmi note 3 Kenzo Redmi note 4 Mido Redmi note 5a Ugglite MDG6 Redmi note 5a Ugg Redmi 5 Rosy Redmi 5Plus Vince MEG7 Aaomi Mi4C Aaomi Mi5 MiMax 32GB MiMax 64GB MiMax Helium MiMax dro•en Redmi Note5 Pro 1Nhyred 

Lenovo Frp Unlock

Lenovo Vibe C-A2020a40 Lenovo A6000 Lenovo A6010 Lenovo Vibe K5-A6020a40 Lenovo Vibe K5-A6020a41 Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus-A6020a46 Lenovo Lenovo S90 Sisley-S90 Lenovo TAB4-TB-8504F Lenovo TAB 4 8-TB-8504X Lenovo P8 TAB 3-TB-8703F Lenovo TABS 8PLUS-TB-8703X Lenovo TAB4 Plus-TB-8704F Lenovo TAB4 Plus-TB-8704X Lenovo TAB 10-TB-X103F Lenovo TAB4-TB-X304F Lenovo TAB4-TB-X304L  Vibe K5-A602036 Lenovo Lemon 3-K32C36 Lenovo k6-K33 Lenovo K6 Power-K33a42 Lenovo Vibe K6-K33b36

Vivo Frp Unlock

PD1421F X9 PD1616 XPLAY5 PD1522A Y35 PD1502F Y37 PD1503F Y51-Y51L PD1510F Y53 PD1628F Y55S PD1613BF Y55-Y55L PD1613F Y65 PD1621BF Y71 PD1731F Y91.Y93.Y95.V11 V3 MAX PD1523F V3 PD1524F V5 PLUS PD1624F V7 PD1718F

Oppo Frp Pattern Unlock

A30 A33 A33F A33M A37F A51F A51W CPH1607R9s CPH1611 R9s Plus CPH1613 F3 Plus CPH1701 A57 CPH1707 R11 F1F R7G R7plusf R7Plusm R7sf R7sm R7sPlus R9PIusmA R9PIusTM R9PlustmA R9st  X9079 

Exynos CPU Frp Unlock

SM-A310FD SM-A310MD SM-A310Y SM-A510FD SM-A510L SM-A510MD SM-A510Y SM-A710F SM-A710K SM-A710M SM-A710S SM-A800F SM-A800IZ SM-A8ODYZ SM-G150NK SM-G15ONS SM-G389F SM-G550F SM-G550T SM-G550T2 SM-G570M SM-G610F SM-G610FZ SM-G610L SM-G610S SM-G800F SM-G800M SM-G850F SM-G850K SM-G850M 

Qualcomm CPU Frp Unlock

SM-G3818 SM-G3861 SM-G386W SM-G5108 SM-G5109 SM-G5309W SM-G53OBT SM-G530FQ SM-G530H SM-G530P SM-G531F SM-G5700 SM-G600F SM-G600S SM-G710 SM-G7102T SM-G7105L SM-G710L SM-G7200 SM-G720AX SM-G730A SM-G730W8 SM-G7509 SM-G750F SM-G800H SM-G850A SM-G850W CLI.C:12711)1 SM-G870F SM-G870W 

How To Use? 

  1. First need to download the tool
  2. Next Extract The tool 
  3. After instal The Tool With Double Click on the setup
  4. After instal you can Easily Run The Tool From a desktop shortcut Icon
  5. Done !!!

File information

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