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The Ghost Tool Pro V5.7 Latest Version New Update Official Free With Login

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The Ghost Tool Pro V5.7 FREE Download FREE With Login

The Ghost Tool Pro Version 5.7 Is a Small Tool For Windows Computers It Is Some OLD Update That IS Free For All User But In This Version You Need Activation License Key To Use The Tool On Your Computer The Tool Allowed User To Remove FRP Unlock All MediaTek Device And Some Qualcomm Device Are Also Support Also You Can Unlock Relock Bootloader With a Single Click Only For More Features You Can Read Below

Main ADB Function

Read Info

ADB to Reboot Download Recovery Fastboot EDL Fastboot

Covert A127F To M127F ADB Mode

System UI Restore ADB

Diag ADB Root ADB Root New OnePlus

Remove FRP Samsung Only FRP Method 2 MDM Knox

Factory Reset Factory Reset Root

Twrp Auto Magisk Latest

Main Fastboot Function:


Boot to recovery

Reboot recovery

Reboot EDL

Unlock BL New

Unlock Bootloader Critical

Vivo Unlock Bootloader

VIVO Relock Bootloader


VIVO Remove Demo

Erase FRP


Qualcomm Flasher

Flashing with XML and Custom Loader file


Qualcomm Tools

Bypass FRP


Backup Security

Reset EFS

Unlock Bootloader Ginkgo Willow

Disable Mi Account

Unlock Bootloader

Factory Reset Misc

Safe Factory Reset

Remove KG

Qualcomm Network

Backup QCN

Restore QCN

MediaTek Function Network

Repair Imei Vivo

Bypass Auth

Auto Reboot

Multi Target

Device in Meta

Repair IMEI Meta Mode

MediaTek Flasher Function

Flashing With Scatter Da Preloader Cert File

Flash Format Read Firmware

MediaTek Tool

Remove FRP

Remove FRP Method2

Unlock Bootloader

Relock Bootloader

Format UserData

Erase EFS

Disable Mi Account

Remove Huawei ID

Factory Reset Misc

Disable Oppo Orange Mode

Restore Oppo Orange Mode

Disable DM Vertify

Bypass AUTH

Set KG Completed Checking Normal

Xiaomi Fastboot Function

Patch Security

Bypass Security

Read Information

Bypass Mi Account Qualcomm

Erase EFS Qualcomm

Erase EFS MediaTek

Xiaomi Flasher

Browse Select


Auto Reboot

A device in ENG ROM

Xiaomi TWRP

Wipe Mi Account TWRP

Wipe Mi Account TWRP X64

Patch Security Redmi 9

Samsung Function

Read info

Launch Browser Alliance Shield X YouTube Custom Link

Bypass FRP

Change CSC

Reboot Download Mode

Factory Reset


What's New


Added Support Oppo A53 Read Write Flash Factory Reset Remove Frp

Added Support Oppo A32 Read Write Flash Factory Reset Remove Frp

Added Support Oppo A52 Read Write Flash Factory Reset Remove Frp Beta

Added Support Oppo F17 Read Write Flash Factory Reset Remove Frp Beta

⭐️❤️Special Thanks To MR_SKAR44❤️⭐️

The Ghost Tool Pro V5.7 Download Link

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