Free Download TFT UNLOCKER Tool Digital 1.4 .3.0 No Need To Login Latest Version Star Mobile Care


Free Download TFT UNLOCKER Digital 1.4 .3.0

Free Download TFT UNLOCKER Tool Digital 1.4 .3.0 No Need To Login Latest Version Star Mobile Care

TFT UNLOCKER Digital 1.4 .3.0 A simple Windows tool is available. It includes numerous new models and supporting features. Users were able to format, FRP bypass, unlock sim, and auth bypass on MTK CPU using the tool, which was supported by Qualcomm and Spd CPU. With the tool, you may effortlessly do numerous functions with only a single click on various G models. 


Reset | Disable Mi Cloud No Relock (Qualcomm) - Erase FRP, Qualcomm + Mediatek version Android 11, 12, and Sideload mode with Mi Assistant

Format data, read information, and reset Micloud (Mediatek)

New - EFS wipe


- [Added ] - Erase MDM (BROM)

- [Added ] - Backup Imei (BROM)

- ADB (*#0*#) updated security patch 2022 for Samsung FRP enable

- [COM] FRP removal technique: [1] previous security patch

- Included [COM] FRP removal technique: [2] A fresh security patch

- Included [COM] FRP Removal Technique: [3] New Security Patch)>> [EDL] New - Added Added [BROM] ERASE MDM to ERASE FRP


- Included [USB 1] .0] [EDL] ERASE FRP Kirin (650|655|658|659|960|970|710|810) added to the ERASE FRP product line.


- update loader (SPD)

- Added New Spreadtrum Loader


- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)

- Added Realme C30 Remove FRP (SPD)

- Added Realme C11 new loader Remove FRP (SPD)

- Added New Spreadtrum Loader

-Addition of [EDL] ERASE FRP



- Fixing Brom connectivity for the device

- Include a new Model.

- [Fixed] - Dumping Partitoins

- [Added] - Format Userdata for new protocol

- [Fixed] Reported issues were resolved.

- [Fixed] MT6582 Booting A few reported bugs have been fixed. New Protocol for MTK

- [Improved] Compatibility communication for this protocol is no longer

-supported by BROM and has been replaced by USB

- [Added] - Create user data in a new protocol format


- [Improved] SPD Communication, Now using USB, Comport Communication For This Protocol Now 

- Compatibility communication for this protocol has been deprecated, and SPD communication has been improved to use USB.


iTel Vision 1 Pro Remove FRP has been added (SPD)

Addition of iTel Vision 1 Pro v2 Remove FRP (SPD)


- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)

- Added Vivo V11 Pro Remove FRP (QC)

- Added Vivo V20 Remove FRP (QC)

- Added Vivo V20I Remove FRP (QC)

- Added Vivo V20S Remove FRP (QC)

- Added Vivo NEW iQOO U1 Remove FRP (QC)

- Vivo V11 Pro Remove FRP was added (QC)

-Vivo V20 Remove FRP (QC) and Vivo V20I Remove FRP have been added (QC)

- Added Vivo iQOO U1 Remove FRP - Added Vivo V20S Remove FRP (QC) (QC)


- Added Erase FRP Sideload Mode With MI Account

- Erase FRP Sideload Mode with MI Assistant has been added.


- [Added ] - Safe format (BROM)


Realme C30 Remove FRP (SPD) has been added, along with improvements to flashing, communication handling, and database updates for supported models.

How To Use

First, Click Theis Following Link To Get The RAR File.

It's crucial that you unzip all of the files in the C: drive next.

Next, access the folder from which all files must be extracted.

To install the setup on your computer, launch the "TFT UNLOCKER.exe" file.

Then, if you Already installed Them, you Can Skip Installing The Remaining Drivers's

Then, right-click the tool's desktop icon to open it with the administrator privileges.

the tool will then open after you click the login button (no need to activation)

Try Any Feature On The Phones After Connecting it.

Enjoy !!!

File Information

File NameTFT UNLOCKER 1.4 .3.0
Lasted Version1.4 .3.0
Category:Premium Unlocking Tool
RAR Password:TFT
File Size134 MB

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