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Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2 Latest update FREE Download

Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2, an update to the software that brings exciting new features and enhancements. This update is available for download by all
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Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1 Latest update FREE Download
We are pleased to announce the release of Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2, an update to the software that brings exciting new features and enhancements. This update is available for download by all users, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the enhanced features and optimisations. Let's begin by examining the specifics of this most recent edition and the modifications it offers.

Introducing Qualcomm's New Unlock Model Reset/FRP/EFS Support:

Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1 Latest update FREE Download
Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2 adds full support for Qualcomm devices, which is a significant development. Customers may quickly unlock additional varieties of Qualcomm devices thanks to the enhanced EDL (Emergency Download) feature. If you need to reset, work around FRP (Factory Reset Protection), or handle EFS (Encrypting File System), Zenon Tool v2.2 has you covered.

Vivo Enhancements

Users of Vivo can enjoy it with a variety of models. Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2, which was developed exclusively for Vivo devices, offers numerous upgrades and novel features. The following Vivo models are now available thanks to this update, giving users a better experience:

Android ADB fixes result in faster running of Vivo devices:

Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2 fixes a common issue with Android Debug Bridge (ADB) connectivity with Vivo devices. With this version, utilising ADB with Vivo devices is simple and error-free. Zenon Tool is now a reliable source for users to execute ADB operations swiftly and efficiently.

PIT Backup/Restore and Advanced Flashing Mode Improvements by Samsung

Samsung device owners will be thrilled to learn about the new features added to Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1. An improved flashing feature in the update makes it possible to flash unique firmware quickly. Users can now quickly backup and restore the PIT (Partition Information Table), ensuring data integrity and giving them peace of mind.

MediaTek Power's Full Partition Management and More:

Many new capabilities are available in Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1 for users of MediaTek devices. Thanks to the update's unique partitions manager, users can simply manage various partitions on their MediaTek devices. Additionally, the BROM (Boot ROM) features have been enhanced, making it possible to do factory resets, read/write/erase operations on partitions, get around MiCloud, and unlock and relock the bootloader. These new functionalities give MediaTek device owners exclusive access to complete device control.

Bug fixes for a smoother experience: User interface changes

Another crucial component of Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2 is user success, which addresses recognised flaws and issues. The update brings about several UI enhancements and bug fixes, resulting in a smoother and more engaging user experience. With this update, Zenon Tool gets a little bit closer to its goal of offering a dependable and simple user interface.

Qualcomm CPU Flashing: 

Zenon allows you to carry out a number of flashing operations, including reboot flashing, shutting down MiCloud, configuring bootable settings, avoiding EFS, eliminating FRP (Factory Reset Protection), and writing firmware


Remove FRP, disable MiCloud, uninstall MiCloud, and remove the PIN or password.


By using this feature, you may choose the make and model of your mobile device and activate all of its features. On your mobile device, you may easily select and carry out the desired tasks.


Writing IMEI, reading QCN, performing Xiaomi IMEI actions (RSA Skip IMEI 1), and writing QCN are all capabilities offered by Zenon.

To obtain particular codes for particular brands:

Dial ##13491## or ##717717## for Xiaomi. Dial *#9434# or *#649010# for OPPO. Dial *#558# for Vivo.

It's important to remember, too, that in some nations, it may be illegal to engage in operational actions with IMEI. Observe all laws and regulations and use caution.

Samsung FRP Unlock Test Mode: 

In addition to deleting KNOX, Zenon offers options for removing FRP utilising the November Security Patch or new algorithms.

ADB Mode:

Change CSC (Consumer Software Customization), turn on mobile data toggle, and delete Samsung account.

Change CSC Download Mode: 

Use Method 1 or Method 2 to fix softbrick issues, format NAND storage, and remove FRP on Android 5 and 6.

Odin Flash:

The BL (Bootloader), AP (Application Processor), CP (Core Processor), CSC (Consumer Software Customization), and UMS (Unified Multi-Downloader Scheme) Samsung firmware components can all be flashed using this functionality. Additionally, you may write firmware, erase NAND storage, check the MD5 checksum, reboot after flash, and use the MTP mode to instantly detect the model number and get the firmware.


- Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G (PCRM00)
- Oppo Reno 4 4G (CPH2113)
- Oppo Reno 4 5G (CPH2091)
- Oppo Reno 4 Pro 4G (CPH2109)
- Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G (CPH2089)
- Oppo Reno 5 4G (CPH2159)
- Oppo Reno 5 5G (CPH2145)
- Oppo Reno 6 4G (CPH2235)
- Oppo Reno 6 Lite (CPH2365)
- Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G (CPH2247)
- Oppo Reno 7 (CPH2363)
- Oppo Reno 10X Zoom (CPH1919)


- Mi A2 Lite (Daisy)
- Mi 8 (Dipper)
- Mi 8 EE (Ursa)
- Mi 8 Lite (Platina)
- Mi 8 Pro (Equuleus)
- Mi 8 SE (Sirius)
- Mi 8X (Wayne)
- Mi 9 SE (Grus)
- Mi A2 (Jasmine)
- Mi A3 (Laurel Sprout)
- Mi 5X (Tiffany)
- Mi CC9 (Pyxis)
- Mi CC9e (Laurus)
- Mi Max 3 (Nitrogen)
- Redmi 8A Pro (Olivewood)
- Redmi GO (Tiare)
- Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)


- Vivo Y11S PD2042F
- Vivo Y12A | Y12S PD2060F
- Vivo Y20 | Y20I | Y20S PD2034F
- Vivo Y20A PD2060F
- Vivo Y20T PD2093F
- Vivo Y21L PD1309F
- Vivo Y25 PD1309F
- Vivo Y27 PD1410F
- Vivo Y31 2021 PD2050F
- Vivo Y31L PD1505F
- Vivo Y35 PD1502F
- Vivo Y37 PD1503F
- Vivo X27 (PD1829)
- Vivo X50 (PD2006F)
- Vivo X50 5G (PD2001F)
- Vivo X50 Pro 5G (PD2005F)
- Vivo X50 Lite (PD1928F)
- Vivo X60 (PD2046F)
- Vivo X60 Pro (PD2059F)
- Vivo X70 Pro Plus (PD2145F)
- Vivo Y9S (PD1945F)
- Vivo Y11 (PD1930F)
- Vivo Y12i (PD1930F)


# ADB - Vivo fix Exception message


# Add Advance flashing mode
# Add Backup/Restore PIT


# Add Partitions manager
# Add Crash preloader
# BROM - Read/Write/Erase Partitions
# BROM - Factory Reset
# BROM - Bypass micloud
# BROM - Unlock Bootloader
# BROM - Relock Bootloader


# Fix Known Bug


# EDL - Add new unlock model Reset/FRP/EFS


# (EDL) Multi Read/Write/Erase Partitions
# (EDL) Add new unlock model


# (ROOT) Provisioning RPMB Key
# (ADB) Realme fix Wireless Test


# Add Unisoc Module
# (DIAG) Factory Reset


# Add MediaTek Module
# (META) Read Information
# (META) Factory Reset
# (META) Safe Format

Xiaomi ADB Mode: 

Enable Xiaomi device diagnostics (New) while momentarily turning off micloud.


(ROOT NEEDED) Enable the diagnostic mode.

Fastboot Mode: 

After the bootloader has been unlocked, disable FRP, switch between Boot A and Boot B, and go into EDL (Emergency Download) mode for devices that have been unlocked.

Sideload Mode:

Access Xiaomi data, look up MiCloud status, disable MiCloud, revoke MiCloud PIN and password, and erase MiCloud.

Android ADB: 

Set the language, activate or disable system updates, and retrieve battery information.

FRP Unlock: 

Open the browser to make FRP removal easier.

Manager of APPs: 

Install APK/Apk/Apk, detect loaded apps, and get rid of bloatware.


Remove the PIN and password, disable MiCloud, and disconnect the EMMC (ISP Pinout).

Remove the PIN and password, disable MiCloud, and disconnect the EMMC (ISP Pinout).

Download Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.2

Download the Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1 right now!

With the official release of Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1, users can elevate their device management experiences to new heights. Everyone has to install this version because it fully supports Qualcomm, Vivo, Samsung, and MediaTek devices and includes UI updates and bug fixes.

The key to error-free device functioning in 2023 and beyond is Zenon Unlocker Tool v2.1.

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